- 2019

Project from a studio at RMIT. 

Can co-operative behavior result in better architecture? As we tested out this theory within the class, extending further than just negotiating on similar materials, and actually designing the structures and external areas with negotiations and co-operative strategies.

In Iceland the term “dagmamma” or “day-mom” is a well known title. It is a person that works from home and takes care of couple of children everyday, usually parents tend to find a “dagmamma” close by to where they live.
I wanted to create this service for our small community that we were creating. I was also curious to see how I could come up with a working and living situation where the person living there could still enjoy his privacy without being surrounded by his work at all times. I decided to split the “daycare space” away from his living space. The two structures are working as opposites, in both shape and layout. The private structure has narrow tall hallways with windows and light that guides you through the building. All views are inward facing and towards nature/greenery.

Whilst with the daycare I focused on opening up the space and connecting it to the outside area,but still making it safe for the kids to run around so that the “dagforeldri” doesn’t loose sight of them. I’ve also decided to exclude any slides or swings, and replaced them with tree trunks and other unconventional “toys” to boost their creative thinking and imagination.