SPACE - 2015

Project from a course at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. 

This course focuses on the fundamental elements of architecture and its design process. Basic concepts are introduced as well as the profession’s main communicative tools, i.e. models, partitioning, look and perspective. By keeping a dream journal we made models from our dreams.

The light beam represents a burst of light that came through the front door in my dream.

 The Path is from a dream where I dreamt of a hallway that went on for miles and miles and had endless amount of doors with nothing behind them but an empty space. 
The Section is from a dream where I was being chased and ended up in this alleyway in what seemed to be Italy.
The Bat is from a dream where I woke up to a bat sitting on my windowsill with big prominent bat ears, and the model represents the structure from the bats ears.