LIVING  - 2017

The main task of the course was to provide a foundation for theoretical and technical knowledge of sustainability and eco-friendliness in the context of design. We worked on the basic subjects of ecological methodology and engage with environmental elements and the relationship between design and nature by working on an assigned design task.

Becoming familiar with methods of mapping and analysing the multi-dimensional properties of the environment and social systems.

I designed  a multi generational house. The whole house is designed with three generations in mind, toddlers, university students and the elderly. The purpose of mixing these generations in one house is for them to interact with each other and to become a important part of our society. The elderly have recently been shoved into retirement homes where they are pushed out of our society. This has to change. The children attend the kindergarten on the ground floor, but they also use the top floors for other activities, such as eating lunch, with the other two generations. The elderly and university students share the rest of the house, as well as apartment hubs, kitchen unit and bathrooms. I focused on having the shared spaces open and interactive between floors.