- 2018

How can art and an artistic practice be an active force in society and in the forming of a place? 


The BA project this  year is concerned with with forming a place in a specific society . The brief was titled Hveragerði - Artist Residency with an emphasis laid upon how important art and aritsts have been in forming this particular municipality, very much like the bubbling geysers which can be found there.  


The Sitka spruce or Picea sitchensis is the largest of all spruce species. Along the artists’ streets of Hveragerði is a residence for artists which is formed by the surrounding spruces, which are up to 20 metres in height. At first the building appears dark and coarse like the bark of the trees, but when the bark breaks from the tree something light and pure is seen inside, which is reflected in the building. As one approaches the building it appears to split apart, and one can enter on the ground floor, where there is a showroom, workshop and studio space. On the upper floor of the building is the artists’ residence, where they can enjoy solitude in peace and quiet.