- 2020

Project from a studio at RMIT. 

The brief is simple. Design a new pedestrian bridge between the Alexandra Gardens and Birrarung Marr.
The Bridge can be located anywhere between Princes and Swan St Bridge.

The Bridge is to accord with the City of Melbourne’s Birrarung Strategy Document which describes a desire to increase connection to the Yarra by restoring the landscape and create continuous habitable edges along the river.

The Race to Princes Bridge, was a 3 mile race that was held annually from 1913 to 1963. It was one of the chief swimming events in the world, and one of Australia’s most noted sporting events. Due to the rivers water quality the popular race was put to a halt in 1991.


The proposed bridge is to respond to the areas once active river. Refocusing the cities attention inwards towards the river instead of outwards away from the river, to recreate a platform for activities and gathering.


The bridge is to recreate a focal point, for the area to become the cities front and center and making the river an important part of the system again and rejoicing the once popular swimming competition to bring the people back into the Yarra River.