I worked as an Interior Designer at the interior design office Fröken Fix in Iceland. Sesselja Thorberg is the Owner and main designer at the office. We designed and redid spaces for companies and homes. 
I did everything from running errands to making 3D models and designing 

spaces under Sesselja's supervision. I worked for Sesselja from the summer of 2016 until February of 2019 



In 2017 I did a 5 week work placement at Aedas in London. It was an amazing experience to get to work with such talented people at such a big world wide office. 
I worked on several projects for them. Layout design of restaurants, 3D drawings, concept sketches, research work, photoshop, pin-up for presentations and lots more.  


The summer of 2017 I worked for Arkís in Reykjavík. At Arkís I learned a lot from all the different people that work there. 
I worked on several projects for them. Everything from 3D modeling, layouts for restaurants, photoshop and lots more.